How does the MMD01 handheld detector work?

The MMD01 handheld detector works on the principle of capturing the heartbeats echoes of people and animals in wheeled vehicles.

How is the measurement conducted, and is the driver permitted to be present?

The engine and any extra equipment must be turned off, and no persons or animals may be present during the measurement.

Can the measurement be impacted by the weather, such as rain, wind, or other factors?

Unfavourable weather conditions can affect the accuracy of measurements, i.e. strong wind, rain or tremors. It is necessary to follow the methodology.

Can people walk around the measured vehicle?

It is better if they don’t walk, but it shouldn’t affect the measurement if they don’t stomp. However, nobody is allowed to touch the vehicle during the measurement.

Can handheld detector determine how many individuals are hiding inside the vehicle?

The handheld detector detects only the presence of people or animals in the vehicle, not the quantity.

Can the handheld detector find animals too?

Yes, it can find animals the size of a Cocker Spaniel up.

What are the weather limits for the device?

The handheld detector can be used at temperatures ranging from -20 to +40 °C; however, it cannot be submerged in water or used in direct rain. Light rain is acceptable.

What are the vehicle limits?

All wheeled vehicles with tires can be measured, not containers or trains. Vehicles in which it is impossible to freeze or shut off the fan cannot be properly measured. Measuring people hiding in tanks or trucks with bulk material is also possible. Additionally, you can measure individuals who are concealed in hidden areas.

What is the lifespan of the device? Is calibration necessary?

Calibration is unnecessary, and the number of measurements is unlimited if handled correctly and the detector is not mechanically damaged.

Can measurement statistics be kept?

After each measurement, the display shows the measurement number. With a service intervention, it is possible to display statistics in the form of the measurement number and the measurement result but without the time and date of the measurement. It is possible that the shift starts, and the measurement number is recorded at the beginning and the end.

Does the handheld detector have a GPS or other locator?

The detector does not have GPS or any other feature to locate it.

Is it possible to contact it remotely?

No, the detector is a separate unit and cannot be remotely connected or hacked.